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High-Impact and sustainable designs that you can reconfigure, refresh, and reuse.

The intersection of Physical and Digital Activations that makes your exhibit strategic and measurable.


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Despite being the largest investment of the marketing budget, most exhibit marketing programs are treated like a checklist rather than a strategy. What’s more, marketers aren’t given the time or tools to measure and enhance their exhibiting program.


CMX refers to Custom Modular Experiences. CMX combines the possibilities of custom exhibit design, modular designs' benefits, and activations' connection with methodology and measurement to justify your tradeshow spending and continually improve performance.


Helping Today's Marketer
Measure Success


Our 2D2A methodology is unique in the industry. As trade show marketing experts,
we start with your business objectives and integrate tactics to help you reach them.
As exhibit builders, we leverage the methodology and insights to create exhibits that
stand-out on the show floor. And as trade show measurement experts,
we provide insights to improve your program continually.


Despite being the largest investment in the marketing budget, many exhibit marketing programs are often treated as mere checklists rather than strategic initiatives. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We are now here to transform the status quo. Learn how with our comprehensive guide to creating memorable exhibits.

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CMX Guide to Creating Memorable Exhibits

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Measuring Success: A Guide to Data-Driven Exhibit Strategy with CMX

Missed our webinar? No problem! You can watch the on-demand recording anytime. The case study presentation of our exhibit experience at EXHIBITORLIVE 2024 includes our step-by-step holistic approach featuring CMX 2D2A methodology. Learn how a data-driven strategy can be applied to your exhibit program to boost your exhibiting results and effectively measure the success of your trade show program.


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