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In a world that demands connection, different audiences require a customized branding experience. Make them remember a brand with digital activations.

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Digital Solutions That Create Immersive Experiences


Creative Strategy
Digital Audits
Attendee Journey
Lead Generation
Analytics & Metrics



Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
LED Walls
2D/3D Virtual Environments


Lead Retrieval
Attendees Analytics Traffic, Engagements, Demographics



Digital Offerings 


Universal Lead Capture

This activation is an ideal solution for lead management, sales pipeline, analytics, and email communications post-event. Learn More


Attendee Tracking

Ideal solution to track how attendees explore your trade show exhibit, analytics of number of attendees and dwell time. Learn More



Ideal solution for amplifying a brand, creating a surprise-and-delight moment in the exhibit and fun element to engage with audiences. Learn More


Touchscreen Kiosks

This activation is great to bring a tactile experience to your booth with digital engagement using your brand’s content and messaging. Learn More



Touchscreen Table

Ideal solution for product launches, company and/or brand awareness, and a fun interactive way to tell a story allowing users choose their own journey. Learn More



Touchscreen Slider

Ideal solution for product launches, brand awareness, company information, and a fun interactive way to tell a story letting users choose their own journey. Good for more than one person audience. Learn More


Augmented / Virtual Reality

Ideal for gamification purposes. Create a fun and immersive experience. This is a hands-on experience where the user can experience a story first-hand, with powerful visuals to promote your brand. Learn More


LED Walls

LED walls are great to make a big splash on the show floor. With larger-than-life screens you can draw in audiences from a distance. The use of LED walls also allows you to have an ever-changing message in the booth space. Learn More



LED Posters

This sleek and dynamic display brings your content to life with vibrant visuals and captivating motion, grabbing attention and leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Learn More



Platform-agnostic solutions.

At Skyline Digital, we work with a variety of technologies and platforms, reviewing, testing, and deploying different solutions for the unique needs of our customers. Technology keeps evolving and we pride ourselves on constantly curating the best solutions to meet our clients and their brand needs.

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Elevating your brand is our passion:

Our team works on off-the-shelf and customized solutions to meet the needs of your brand. Strategists, creatives, designers and project managers have a vast experience in the experiential business to help your business with:

  • Brand Strategy.
  • Creative Oversight.
  • Content Creation.
  • Technology Implementation.
  • Execution of Experiential Activations.



Our approach to technology includes solutions that empower marketers with lead management platforms as well as immersive experiences where data and analytics can be easily reported for measurement purposes.




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