Envoy® is Great For:

  • Creating high-impact exhibits
  • Ability to accommodate a variety of exhibiting experiences
  • Accessorizing: shelving, cabinets, lighting, track system, and more!

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Envoy offers a custom quality design aesthetic and superior versatility yet is portable and modular. This system is great for creating high impact inline and island exhibits. Exhibitors have choices of curved, square, or angular corners which provides a variety of designs.

The unique design of the Envoy system hides electrical wires which is extremely beneficial for island and peninsula exhibits.

The panels can be pre-assembled to allow for savings on installation and dismantle costs. The system can also be ordered as individual parts, allowing it to be broken down for shipping. The panel system has a 4” depth and a large presence while still being considered light-weight. This is particularly beneficial for customers that desire a custom look, without the heavy weight and high shipping costs that can come with custom exhibits.

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Installation Instructions

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  Envoy Backlighting Installation


  Envoy Backlit Power Supply Installation


  Envoy Backlit Spanner Bar & Non Powered Reflecting Cover Installation


  Envoy Backlit Wiring Harness Installation


  Skyline Backlit Envoy Set-Up Video

Envoy 33180 T Instructions

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  Envoy Set-up Video
Our high-impact graphics, modular structures and comprehensive services make great exhibit design accessible to brands of all sizes.

Envoy 33180 T Instructions

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