Mirage® is Great For:

  • Quick, easy exhibit setup
  • Portability-travels with you
  • Customizing with impactful graphics
  • Expandability – you can expand by adding additional units
  • Durability – if you need your Pop-Up to last, Mirage is for you
  • Accessorizing: shelving, lighting and literature packets

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Mirage leads the industry with the most durable Pop-Up frame available. Unlike aluminum, if impacted, the fiberglass Mirage display frame will flex and bounce back without damage. With its wide and smooth surfaces and variety of styles, Mirage provides a dramatic setting for compelling and attention-getting graphics while accommodating an ever-expanding accessory selection. Mirage displays are available in several sizes from tabletops to full 10’ (3 m) units.

Larger inline exhibits are created by seamlessly connecting units together. Mirage displays can also be configured to create 3- or 4-sided island exhibits. Mirage displays pack neatly in protective cases. A 10’ (3 m) display fits in either a single Hard case, two Oval cases or two Transporter cases. All cases have handles and wheels for easy transport.

Overview Video


  Skyline Mirage Pop-Up Display

Watch an overview of a Skyline product. 



Installation Instructions

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  Mirage Set-Up Instructional Video


  Skyline Mirage Durability



Mirage Monitor Mount Instructions


Mirage Gullwing Connector Panel 33534 Instructions

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Mirage Backlit 32694 C Instructions

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Mirage Rnd End Panel 32710 D Instructions

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Mirage Setup-Instructions

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Mirage 77 Bubble Panel Instructions

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  Mirage Plus Setup Instructions

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Product Brochure


Mirage Brochure
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