Touchscreen Kiosks are great for:

  • Attendee surveys 
  • Capturing leads
  • Conveying product or company information
  • Engaging attendees with gamification
  • Wayfinding
Touchscreen Kiosks

Engage attendees with dynamic content and effortless data collection - all in one sleek and modern design.

With a touchscreen kiosk your attendees can fully immerse themselves in your exhibit experience. Through the kiosk, they interact with your brand, content, and messaging – creating a multisensory encounter that will leave a lasting impression. The endless possibilities for engagement allow you to showcase your company, brands, and products.

  • Plug & Play Convenience: Our touchscreen kiosks are designed with plug-and-play convenience, allowing for a simple setup without requiring extensive technical configurations or external hardware.
  • Tactile Attendee-Driven Experience: Bring an interactive experience to your exhibit using your brand's content and messaging. Our kiosks provide a touch-driven attendee experience, bringing interactivity that highlights your brand.
  • Analytics: We believe in the importance of analytics, which is why our touchscreen kiosks make it easy to see which content is viewed most often and for how long. This data can be used to gather information on attendees and nurture leads through qualification steps.
  • Showcase Various Types of Content: Our touchscreen kiosks showcase various types of content, providing endless possibilities for your brand. They can be used for product showcasing, videos, schedule management, brand storytelling, data collection, lead qualification, education, gamification, and more
  • Sleek and Portable Design: The kiosks' sleek and portable design fits effortlessly in any booth footprint and easily integrates into your exhibit design. Place them strategically in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility and draw in attendees.
  • Available in Multiple Formats and Sizes: Choose from two formats, multiple screen sizes, and black or white color options to cohesively align with your brand and exhibit aesthetic.
  • Endless Functions: The functions of touchscreen kiosks are virtually endless - use them for product showcasing, video display, schedule management, brand storytelling, data collection, lead qualification, education, gamification, and much more.
  • Dynamic and Visually Impactful: Our kiosks create a dynamic and visually impactful experience that grabs attention and prompts attendees to stop at your exhibit.
  • Sustainable and Reusable: Touchscreen kiosks are designed to be reusable and environmentally friendly, making them a sustainable option for your trade show needs.

Our high-impact touchscreen kiosks integrate seamlessly with our exhibit structures. Our I&D teams are well trained and equipped for proper installation, providing an exceptional experience every time.

Contact us today to learn more about how our touchscreen kiosks can elevate your booth experience and make a lasting impact.

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  • Touchscreen Kiosks with Gamification Capabilities
  • "Wheel of Fortune" Demonstration



  • Touchscreen Kiosks with Gamification Capabilities
  • "Match Game" Demonstration



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