LED Walls are great for:

  • Trade shows, special events, and lobbies
  • LED technology
  • Seamlessly upload content
  • Modular and scalable with multiple standard sizes available
  • Dynamic content opportunities

Customizable sizes and configurations for any needs.

Content: new or existing assets.
Rental and purchase options available.
LED Wall Integration

This activation is a visual marvel that will captivate your audience as they immerse themselves in a world of vibrant colors, breathtaking clarity, and dynamic visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Designed with cutting-edge LED technology, the video wall boasts unrivaled picture quality and brightness, ensuring your content shines with brilliance even in bright environments. Every detail is brought to life with stunning clarity, allowing you to showcase your message, products, or services with utmost impact.

From a design perspective, the video wall offers flexibility and scalability. With its seamless modular design and multiple standard sizes, the LED Video Wall enables you to create custom configurations that suit your specific requirements.

Professional Installation included. Mounts on Skyrise® and Tapestry.

Standard LED Wall Dimensions
  • Skyline LED (1.9)
  • Table - Small
  • 5 panels wide x 3 panels tall
  • Screen Resolution: 960 x 576


  • Skyline LED (1.9)
  • Table - Medium
  • 6 panels wide x 4 panels tall
  • Screen Resolution: 1,152 x 768



  • Skyline LED (1.9)
  • Table - Large
  • 7 panels wide x 5 panels tall
  • Screen Resolution: 1,792 x 1,280


  • Skyline LED (1.9)
  • Table - Large
  • 9 panels wide x 6 panels tall
  • Screen Resolution: 1,728 x 1,152




Product Video
  • Skyline Digital
  • Large LED Wall (1.9) Demonstration
  • Wall Dimensions: 11 ft x 8 ft
  • 35 tiles
  • LED tiles are installed in SkyRise® Wall System





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