SkyRise™ is Great For:

  • Tall Exhibits or Displays
  • Easy and Fast Setup
  • Reconfiguration – change up your booth when your exhibiting needs change
  • Conference and storage rooms
  • LED Wall integration (learn more)

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SkyRise wall system offers stability, strength and flexibility. The variety of frame sizes, finishes, and various architectural options allow for greater design flexibility. Larger frame sizes and a tool-less camlock-connector make installation quicker and easier. Specifically designed for larger, taller exhibits, this product is sturdy, clean, and modern. This system hides electrical wires, which is extremely beneficial for island and peninsula exhibits. The 3” thick aluminum frames are lightweight compared to the competition which saves on shipping expenses. These frames are covered by fabric graphics, semi-rigid plastic in-fills, and frosted windows.

Five frame sizes available: 2’x4’, 4’x4’, 2’x8’, 4’x8’, and an 8’x4’ frame for horizontal orientation. Finishes include fabric graphics, frosted window, and semi-rigid panels offered in black, gray, and white. Door selections include a standard door size, a standard door with vertical window, and a closet door. Single-frame backlighting and multi-frame light boxes can be achieved with this system.

Product Features
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Overview Video



SkyRise Overview
Learn more about the SkyRise Wall System with this great animation.



  SkyRise IV Overview

Watch an overview of a Skyline product.


  SkyRise Fly-Through Video
Watch this great animation fly-through of the SkyRise IV for a different perspective on what this product is capable of.


Installation Instructions

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  SkyRise Beam Install


  SkyRise Cantilever Installation


  SkyRise Dismantling Clear Window Wall


  SkyRise Flush Monitor Mount


  SkyRise III Four Way Corner Connection Thick Wall


  SkyRise III Frame Extrusion Base Plate


  SkyRise III Thick Wall T Connection


  SkyRise Install Angled Corners


  SkyRise Install Double Wall Angled Corners


  SkyRise V Light Board Wall Extenders


  SkyRise Rigid Hardboard Panels


  SkyRise Single Layer Windows


  SkyRise Stacking Windows


  SkyRise V Light Board Monitor Mount


  SkyRise V Light Board Install


  SkyRise V Mount and Install Shelf


Additional Product Information


SkyRise 35959 K Instructions
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SkyRise Win to Crnr Conv 39044 A Instructions
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Skyline Warranty
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Skyline Fabric Care & Handling Instructions
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Flame Retardancy Certificate
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Product Brochure


SkyRise Brochure
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