Exhibiting in North America? We've Got You Covered!

Our custom rentals and local services make exhibiting internationally as easy as exhibiting locally.



Why Exhibit in North America?

Exhibiting in North America may differ from your region of the world. For example, in the U.S. there are material handling fees (also referred to as drayage) charged by General Contractors which are the one-way cost of moving an exhibitor's freight off of its carrier's vehicle and to the booth space.

If your company wants to exhibit in North America, your best option is to secure a turn-key rental solution.


Exhibiting in North America

According to an Industry Outlook by the data firm Arizton, North America is the largest market for B2B exhibitions in the global exhibition industry followed by Germany and China.

North America trade shows are continuing their robust return to face-to-face, attracting industry professionals from far and wide to connect and conduct business on bustling show floors.

The business environment in North America is inviting and positive for its trade partners and supply chain providers.

There are many nuances to exhibiting in North America (ex. drayage fees, worker's unions) that you may need help in understanding and navigating.

If exhibiting in North America, your best option is to secure a turn-key rental solution like those offered by Skyline.

Purchasing your exhibit and shipping it back-and-forth overseas can be expensive. Skyline offers rental and asset management services.

Why Choose Skyline?

We are constantly adapting to new business surroundings and creating new opportunities for our customers. The entire Skyline team works together to bring you the best show experience.

We know the national and regional show dynamics. We will treat your brand with respect. The result — a total knockout!


Why Partner with Skyline?


Elevate Your Brand

Skyline is your trusted partner in creating brand-elevating custom exhibit experiences. We understand the need to express your unique brand requirements. We give form and function to the essence of who you are — your brand identity.



Maximum Brand Impact

At Skyline, we attend to all facets of your brand nuances for maximum impact and continued emotional momentum. You do not want to put your brand in a box by opting to partner with General Show Contractor.



Your Brand Purpose

Your brand identity is more than your logo plastered on a backwall. It's a complete collection of elements that highlights a company's distinctive image. Identity may include typography, color palette, forms, pictures and shapes. Identity also includes esoteric ideals, like your brand purpose, ethics, and cultural values. 



At Skyline, all we do is to create awesome exhibiting experiences for our clients.  You get personalized 1:1 service and we don’t serve you through a call center.  We have a team comprised of exhibiting experts, client services, project managers and onsite install and dismantle to help you exhibit through a complex process. 


ESG Compliance

You do not have to have a big budget to make a big impact or, for that matter, to be ESG compliant. You do have to ditch the status quo and create a culture of pressing change and renewal. Make curiosity and chaos, your trademark, and move forward with speed and agility as you develop heightened awareness for your brand and your product. 

The Skyline White Glove Offer

Skyline has been in business for over 40 years offering custom modular exhibiting experiences. We help elevate your brand without draining your budget.

We are end-to-end full-service and support agency designed to help international exhibitors exhibiting in North America.



The Skyline Advantage


Innovative, Quality Design

You are a unique brand with a unique brand proposition. Your exhibit is a 3D design manifestation of your individual brand expression. We give form to your brand individuality with intelligent graphic design and alluring architectural forms designed to drive results.


Caring Partnership

Our dedicated and experienced team is there to guide and support your full trade show program goals.




Built-in Sustainability

Our systems are designed to be reusable, reconfigurable, sustainable, affordable and built to last. Our rental solutions empower you to buy the parts that you need with the flexibility to scale up or down to fit show requirements, meaning lower cost without sacrificing quality.



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