Touchscreen Sliders are fantastic for:

  • Creating immersive content
  • Sharing detailed content in a fun way
  • Using visuals for storytelling
  • Attracting attendees to your booth
  • Igniting conversations
  • Gamifying experiences for attendees
Touchscreen Slider

Transform your exhibit with captivating and interactive technology.

Our Touchscreen Slider is an innovative and engaging way to promote your brand, products, and services within your trade show exhibit. It is ideal for marketers looking to amplify their brand with high-definition interactive visuals. This immersive activation features a touchscreen attached to two larger LED screens behind it. It allows users to move the touchscreen across the LED screens to display content prompted by RFID sensors while interacting with content at the touch of a finger.

  • Attendee-Driven Experience: With the Touchscreen Slider, users can interact with content to create their own journey exploring your activation. Immersive technology allows users to view content with the touch of a finger while sliding the touchscreen reveals more content.

  • Seamless Content Interaction: Users interact with the content by moving the sliding screen sideways, displaying different touch-enabled menus. The activation supports videos, media assets, presentations, PDFs, quizzes, and gamification.

  • Creatively Convey Detailed Information: Touchscreens are a helpful solution to display extensive content in an organized way. This immersive experience ensures that users fully explore your company’s content and gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand, products, and services.

  • Dynamic and Visually Impactful: Touchscreen Sliders grab attention easily and draw attendees into your booth, leaving a lasting impression by showcasing content in an immersive way.

  • Facilitate Conversations: This activation is designed to facilitate conversation while giving users an immersive way to consume content. Attendees navigate the Touchscreen Slider themselves. At the same time, your staff can engage with them and leverage the assets on the touchscreen to tell a more robust story with the aid of visuals.

  • Analytics: Available analytics and metrics provide valuable insights on user engagement, recording the number of users, most popular menu items, time spent on menu items, as well as clicks and views on videos and other media assets. All analytics are exportable to CSV and MSFT Excel files for further analysis.

  • Sustainable and Reusable: Touchscreen Sliders are reusable, making them environmentally friendly.

The Touchscreen Slider integrates into your large exhibit structures. Our I&D (Installation & Dismantle) and Digital teams are well-trained and equipped for proper installation. Contact our team today and take your trade show exhibit to the next level with the Touchscreen Slider.

Product Video


  • Touchscreen Slider Demonstration


  • Touchscreen Slider Demonstration


  • Touchscreen Slider at International CES 2023


  • Touchscreen Slider at Various Trade Shows


  • Touchscreen Slider Gamification Demo
  • "Can You Spot It" Game



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